Mawlid Celebration

Mawlid Celebration

On this day, Muslims celebrate the day Prophet Muhammad was born.

Mawlid (Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi) celebration is observed marking the birth of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Celebration of Mawlid takes place in Rabi’ al-awwal, i.e. on the third month in the Islamic calendar. In some parts of the globe, like in Egypt the term Mawlid is used in a generic manner to mark birthday celebrations of historical religious figures like Sufi saints.

Other Terms Used For Mawlid Are As Follows:

Eid Mubarak
  • Mawlid an-Nabi (pl. al-Mawalid) – The Birth of the Prophet (Arabic)
  • Milad an-Nabi – The Birth of the Prophet (Arabic / Urdu)
  • Mevlid Serif – The Blessed Birth (Turkish)
  • Mevlud/Mevlid – Birth (Bosnian)
  • Mawlud Sharif – The Blessed Birth (Dari (Afg)/Urdu)
  • Zadruz-e Payambar-e Akram – The birth of the great/blessed Prophet (Persian)
  • Eid al-Mawlid an-Nabawi – Festival of the birth of the Prophet (Arabic)
  • Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi – Festival of the birth of the Prophet (Urdu)
  • Mawlid En-Nabaoui Echarif -The Blessed Birth of the Prophet (Algerian)
  • Yawm an-Nabi – The Day of the Prophet (Arabic)
  • Maulidur-Rasul – The Birth of the Messenger of Allah (Malay)
  • Mulud – The Birth (Javanese)
  • Maulid Nabi – The Birth of the Prophet (Indonesian)
  • Maulud Nabi – The Birth of the Prophet (Malaysian)
  • Maulidi – Swahili (East Africa)
  • Gamou – Wolof (Senegal)
  • Barawafat – The Birth of the Prophet (Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh)

Celebration of Mawlid :

Eid Celebration
Eid Mubarak
  • During Mawlid celebrations, large processions come out on the road and it is a real carnival.
  • Homes and mosques are decorated for the purpose of getting into the mood of Mawlid celebrations.
  • People practice charity and distribute food to others. There is also the practice of narrating stories of the life of Muhammad by the help of recitation.
  • Scholars and poets make it a point to celebrate Mawlid by reciting Qa?ida al-Burda Sharif, the well-known poem of the 13th century Arabic Sufi Busiri.
  • Mostly in all Muslim countries, Mawlid is celebrated. Also the countries which have Muslim presence like India, Britain, and Canada, celebrate Mawlid.
  • The only Muslim country which doe not observe Mawlid as a public holiday is Saudi Arabia. People tend to participate in the ritual celebration of Islamic holidays as they want Islam to revive.

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