Mantra of Commonwealth Games 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 have ushered a sporty season in India. Throughout the country the athletic cheer and sporty spirit can be seen and felt. This international event has lifted the spirit of India, particularly of the host city-Delhi. Along with other encouraging stuff, the motto of Commonwealth Games is especially cheering. The motto says, “Come Out and Play.” This slogan makes a strong appeal to people to come forward and involve themselves in this eventful occasion.

The motto stimulates people to come out from their slumber and participate in a fair play. It stirs them to play with true sportsman spirit and turn away their thoughts from political boundaries. The words ‘Come Out’ arises people of all ages to leave their prejudices behind and adopt a broad outlook. The other part of the motto which says ‘Play’ encourages them to concentrate on games without any partiality. So, the motto of XIX Commonwealth Games kindles the sportsman spirit in every common man.

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