MahaShivratri Celebrations

Information About Shivratri Celebrations
Shivratri Celebrations

Shivratri is a Hindu festival, celebrated every year to worship the Lord Shiva.

Maha Shivratri in 2020 is on the Friday, 21st of Feb

Why is Shivratri Celebrated?
Maha shivratri is celebrated during the month of February or March and this festival is devoted to Lord Shiva, as the name Maha shivrati itself means “the big night of Lord Shiva”. It is believed that Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati on this day.

Shivaratri Celebrations

  • The devotees of Lord Shiva observe fast and spend their maximum time remembering Shiva. Early in the morning after taking bath people start performing Shivratri rituals and after doing prayers at home a visit to temple is also made.
  • People visit temples and make offerings of honey, milk, water, bael leaves and fruits to Shiva lingam. While making offerings, Shiva chalisa and other prayers are also recited, as these prayers help to keep away the problems of Lord Shiva devotees. People generally keep reciting “Om Namah Sivaya”.

Shivaratri Celebrations by Women

Shivaratri Celebrations
Shivaratri Celebrations by Women
  • Women eagerly wait for this festival of Shivratri, as both married and unmarried women perform the fast of Shivratri with great believe and carry out all the Shivratri rituals and customs.
  • It is believed that Goddess Parvati, known as ‘Gaura’ is the provider of a happy and successful married life and all those women who are unmarried perform this fast to get married to a good husband.

Puja Samagri

Information About Shivratri puja
Puja Samagri
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Honey
  • Ghee
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Fruits
  • flowers
  • Betel leaves
  • Bel leaves

Maha Shivratri Puja Procedure

  • Bathing the Linga with water, yoghurt, ghee, sugar, honey and milk.
  • Apply vermilion paste on the linga after bathing it.
  • Now offer bel leaves on top of the Shivalinga.
  • Offer fruits to Lord Shiva.
  • Offer flowers & betel leaves to Lord Shiva.
  • Now burn incense sticks or lamp.

Tradition of Drinking Thandai

A very famous tradition associated with the shivratri celebrations is drinking of the thandai, a drink made of bhang (cannabis), sweet almonds and milk. Drinking this drink is a tradition because Lord Shiva really loved cannabis.

Shivaratri Celebrations in other places

 Maha Shivratri
Shivaratri Celebrations in other places
  • The celebrations of Shivratri can also be enjoyed at various other places, as this festival is celebrated in all the regions. In west Bengal girls observe Shivratri fast on this festival and worship Lord Shiva.
  • Sri Kalahasteshwara Temple at Kalahasti and the Bhramaramba Malikarjunaswamy Temple at Srisailam, in Andhra Pradesh are crowded with devotees during this festival. Umananda Temple at Peacock Island and the Sukreswar Temple on the banks of the river Brahmaputra, in Assam turn out to be a focus during Shivratri celebrations.

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva Powerful Mantra

Lord Shiva Powerful Mantra
Om namo hiranya bahade
hiranya varnaya
hiranya roopaya
hiranya pataye
Ambika pataya
Uma pataye
Pashupataye Namo Namaha

Ishana Sarvavidyanam
Ishwara Sarvabhutanam
Brahma Shivo me Astu Sada Shiv Om

Tatpurushaya vidmahi
Vakvishudhaya dhimahi
Tanno Shiva Prachodayaat

Oho devaya vidmahi
Rudramurtaye dhimahi
Tanno Shiva Prachodayaat

Namaste Astu Bhagavan
Shriman Mahadevaya Namaha

Om Shanti

Maha Shivaratri Dates
Date Day Year
February 13th Tuesday 2018
March 4th Monday 2019
February 21st Friday 2020
March 11th Thursday 2021
February 28th Monday 2022
February 18th Saturday 2023
March 8th Friday 2024

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