Made in India

Strengthen Indian Economy
Let’s Strengthen Indian Economy

Buy local products for ‘better tomorrow’
Purchasing locally produced goods is beneficial to the economy

  • Purchasing a locally produced good lets the money stay within the same country.
  • The prices of goods reduce because it doesn’t involve complex packing and processing, the shipping price will reduce a lot.
Indian Products
Use Swadesi Products
  • Purchasing more goods will lead to higher profits and the living standard of employers who work in the companies will increase.
  • As more products are produced locally, the businesses grow and the revenue of the government also will increase in the form of taxes.
Make in India
Made in India
  • The money you pay for buying the product goes to the producer. If this producer happens to be Indian, the more he earns the more he pays taxes to the government. So government would have more money to spend on the country’s development.
  • Also he would further invest his profits for expansion, creating more jobs in the country. More jobs ensure more purchasing power for consumers. Then they will buy more products leading to more profits and the cycle continues.
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Let’s Strengthen  Indian Economy..!

‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’

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