Love Numerology

Love Numerology
Love Numerology Prediction

Calculate your Love Numerology Number to find out how compatible you and your current or potential partner are!

Numerology, it’s believed, divulges a great deal about an individual’s personality, aspirations, goals, overall outlook towards life and his living situation. It is often used to figure out if two individuals are suited for each other or not. A combination of factors like the date of birth, names, and other personal details is considered while determining the compatibility between two persons in a relationship.

The character numbers of both the individuals are compared as per a predetermined pattern and if the two numbers vibrate with each other then it’s believed that the individuals are compatible with each other and vice versa.

How to Determine Compatibility or Flexibility in Relationship using Numerology?

Love compatibility tests are gaining momentum among individuals who want to discover whether at all they share similar interests with their respective partners or not. In order to analyze compatibility with the help of numerology readings you need to consider your life path and destiny numbers.

Your date of birth, perhaps, makes for the most important factor in calculating numerology. Here’s how you calculate your number based on your date of birth:

For instance you were born on 18.02.1984. Make sure you are adding up all the numbers initially:

1+8(date of birth)+2 (month)+1+9+8+4 (year of birth) = 33.

Your numerology number is always a single digit one ranging from 1-9, so when the total number comes down to 33 you should further add these two numbers:

3+3 =6.

So your numerology number is 6.

Numerology based on Names

Each alphabet in English is assigned a number (again ranging from 1-9) and you can find out your number by adding up all the numbers assigned to each of the letters in your name

1: A J S
2: B K T
3:  C L U
4: D M V
5: E N W
6: F O X
7: G P Y
8: H Q Z
9: I R

For instance, if your name is SAM then your number comes down as:

1 (S) + 1 (A) + 4 (M) = 6

Find out about your partner’s numerology in similar fashion as well
For instance, if your number is 6 and your partner’s is 9 then your combined numerology would be 6-9. Avail the online compatibility calculator and find out what a couple with numerology 6-9 has in store for themselves in future. The results of the compatibility test would be flashed as

  • Compatible
  • Very Compatible
  • Neutral
  • Not Compatible

Love Numbers or Soul Numbers

Love numbers reflect the spiritual and emotional makeup of individuals in a major way. Though there’s no absolute formula to guarantee success in a relationship, love numbers help you to understand the kind of stance taken or would be taken by your partner in a relationship. Here’s a brief rundown:

Once all the above details are used for your love compatibility analysis, the compatibility test will give results to determine whether you and your partner are

  • Reflects diametrically opposite stances in love- can aggressively pursue his/her love interest and can be too aloof in a relationship as well .
  • This person basically is comfortable in a relationship, however he/she requires to understand that he/she can’t be in control of the relationship every time.
  • They’re the ones adept at winning debates. This person needs to be with a creative partner who can inspire intellectually motivating conversation
  • They are more interested in building more stable relationships and are happy with partners who’re willing to work hard in the same direction
  • They prefer relationships that offer them their personal space- long term commitments turn out to be a bit difficult
  • They tend to learn slowly but value their lessons in a relationship
  • Pensive, introverts who require their own space
  • A bit dominating by nature and can often trigger power struggle in the equation
  • Expressive, compassionate and need partners who are equally passionate

Numerology can be treated as a great way to find new partners in love as well. Relationships can turn out to be a treacherous terrain if we allow our limitation to rule them. So take help of numerology to understand the mental makeup of your partner and be duly aware of what you need to do in order to make the relationship work.

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