Love Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Love is the most powerful emotion a human being can experience. Express your love and affection to your loved ones with the help of most touching  cute love SMS/messages for boyfriend and girlfriend.

Love Messages For Boyfriend

Love Cards For Boyfriend
I truly, madly love you.

1.) Each day we spend apart only makes me more excited to be reunited with you. In the meantime, know that you’re in my thoughts (and my heart) every day!

2.) You are my glue. Without you, I’d be nothing but broken pieces.

3.)The moment when you rolls over, puts your arms around me and pulls me closer in your sleep, this makes life complete.

4.) I die for your hug,your kiss and your lovely smile.I always wanted to be with you,my love.

Love Cards For Bf
Every moment I spent with you.. is like a beautiful dream come true.

5.) Just wanted to say I keep thinking of as our bond gets stronger. Love you.

6.) All I have to say is, you mean a lot to me, and I love you with all my heart!

7.) Time and seasons can never be the same. But my love for you will never change. I love you, darling

8.) Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing M.E.A.N.S absolutely everything to me.

Love cards
The feeling I feel in my heart, will stay forever every moment I spend with you.

9.) If he makes you laugh. Kisses your forehead say he’s sorry. Makes an effort. Hold your hand. Work hard, attempts to understand you.. then believe it or not, he’s quite perfect.

10.) Before I met you I never knew what it was like; to look at someone and smile for no reason.

11.) We are made for each other. If you were born as a bee?? I would have born as a flower.

12.)You make me happy and I love how it feels to be loved by you.

Love Messages For Girlfriend

Love you Cards
Love can never be measured. ..

1.) You are the answer to every prayer I have ever offered to God. Love you a lot!!

2.) Your single look makes my dopamine levels shoot up baby. Love you so much!

3.) I love the way you look at me and I love the way your heart responds to my actions. I am so much in love with you.

4.) I want all of you forever, You and me together… For each and every day. I love you so much!!

Love Messages
I need you I miss you I want you . I love you.

5.) I saw in your eyes and realized that there lies my world. You are my world. I love you.

6.) Every morning I wake up with a smile and the reason is you. You are never off my mind. I Love you to the core.

7.) You are the best girlfriend I could have ever asked God for. I love you so much my dear.

8.) I love you and as long as we’re together, I have every thing I need.

Romantic Messages for Her
Within you I lose myself

9.) You are my life, you are my hopes, you are my inspiration, you are my everything. I love you.

10.) Every time I see you smile, is a moment that makes all of life’s troubles worth tolerating. I love you.

11.) You are my sunshine my reason for living I want to give to you something today I know you’ll love it’s my everlasting devotion my never ending serenade I love you.

12.) A day without your love is a day without life.

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