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Love Letter

Dear Darling,
Your love makes me feel on top of the world You are my greatest motivation.
You lighten up my world.
Time flies when you are around.
You are an Angel who is my friend as well as my lover.


You entered my heart slowly and quietly
Your love spread through me.
In every direction,
I see only you – just you.
What madness, what obsession…
What can I say of my state now?
My heart, my soul, my whole world,
you are my only desire.
My Sweetheart only You!!
Love you a lot.


Love of my life,
Darling you must have noticed how much my love for you has grown.
There is nobody in this world who more perfect for me than you are.
Nobody but you could give me this much confidence and this deep sense of connection.
Only you make me feel so beautiful and secure.
With every bit of my heart, I love you and am thankful for you.
Lots of love

My dearest
I wanted to write you a love letter, and a thank you note Maybe it’s both.
I want to thank you for all of the hugs you have offered me to squeeze the sadness out and all of the pep talks you have given me when I doubted myself.
Most of all, thank you for being my partner.
Love You Honey

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