Love Compatibility Test

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Love Compatibility Test

How long is your relationship with the one you love going to last? Go through this page and find an interesting quiz to know how compatible is your partner with you.

1. Would you buy an outfit that you love, knowing that your partner will hate it?
a) Of course; what I wear is none of my partner’s business!
b) Yes, I would. S/he would eventually get over it and start liking it.
c) I would, but I would only wear it when I am not with him/her.

2. Your partner really hits it off with your best buddy. How do you feel about it?
a) I deeply resent it.
b) I don’t care.
c) I would prefer them not to hang out alone, but I don’t really mind.


3. You are walking in a park. There is a young coupl sitting on a bench, kissing passionately. How do feel about such a public display of affection?
a) It makes me quite uneasy.
b) It makes me slightly uneasy.
c) It’s fine with me.

4. What do your friends think of you as a couple?
a) They are envious and would want to have a similar relationship with their partners
b) They think you are a nice couple but would not necessarily want to emulate you
c) They usually refrain from commenting on your relationship



Mostly “A”s
You are completely secure in your relationship and cherish each other’s company. There are not really many problems between you and this is one of those bonds which have a huge potential to be lasting. You’re a couple that others see and dream of having a relationship like yours. Your relationship is truly God-send.

Mostly “B”s
This is not exactly a fairytale relationship which ‘mostly “A”s’ enjoy. Since there are some gaps between your personalities, you two could go through a rough patch occasionally. But nonetheless, your relationship definitely has potential and with work, it can bloom into a lovely bliss.

Mostly “C”s
This relationship is going to be a hard one since you two don’t share a fair amount of compatibility. This requires a lot of work from both of you very often which wouldn’t be a very easy thing to do in the long run. Better yet, abandon the ship now and save yourself a brutal heartbreak.

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