Lost in Love

Lost in Love

When you feel so in love, that you can’t think or concentrate on anything else, but the person you are in love with.

Experience the excitement of being lost in love…

Love is sweeter than chocolate, more colorful than the rainbow, brighter than the sunlight and beautiful than the red rose. These few words are enough to explain the real meaning of love. These definitions have not been given by any scholar or any intellectual who regard love to be a subject that needs to be studied but these are the true feelings of the lovers who have been completely lost in love. We meet many acquaintances during the journey of life. Some of them appeal to our senses and we include them in our lives, while some of them just pass our way without making any difference in our lives. But few of these acquaintances have something special about them, which make us fall in love with them.

Slowly the acquaintance becomes more than just being a friend and at one stage of your life, it seems as if your entire life revolves around this particular person. This condition has been appropriately termed by the experienced lovers as ‘lost in love’. Earlier you never felt this way for any other person, but now whenever you close your eyes, the only person who comes to your mind is your beloved. This situation is enough to give indications of your being lost in love.

When a person falls in love, he is regarded to be a very fortunate person, who gets the opportunity of experience on of the most beautiful human emotions. When love blooms in a person’s life, everything takes a positive turn in his or her life. But sometimes, the person gets too busy with his life that he is not able to identify love in his life only and eventually ends up losing a person who would have loved him most dearly for his entire life.

Thus here are a few points which will help you in identifying whether you are lost in love or not.

How To Identify Whether You Are Lost In Love Or Not

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How To Identify Whether You Are Lost In Love Or Not
  • For the major part of the day, you are thinking of your sweetheart.
  • You just love to hear his or her voice, every time you pick up the phone.
  • You are even ready to cancel your other meetings for spending some valuable time with your beloved.
  • You like to dress up as per the likes and dislikes of your lover.
  • You want to talk about your entire life and even about your future plans with that particular person.
  • You are always looking for ways of impressing your beloved.
  • You are always in search of perfect gifts and presents, which can help you in verbalizing your heartfelt emotions for that particular person.
  • You want to celebrate every special occasion in your life with that special person.
  • You feel no hesitation in disclosing your weaknesses and other secrets of your life with that person.
  • You often feel an urge to spend your entire life in the particular person’s company.



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