Lohri Cuisine

Lohri Cuisine
Lohri Cuisine

Known as the land of milk and honey, food gets special importance in every Punjabi family. They are very particular about what they eat and when to eat. Almost all of them make it a point to eat seasonal food as much as possible. Milk and milk products also form an essential part of every meal.

However, it is during special occasions that the best in Punjabi cuisine is displayed. Lohri too is marked by the preparation of special goodies like rewri, moongphali, phulley and the like. All the Lohri special recipes are easy to cook and delicious to eat.

Lohri Recipes
Til Gajak

Til Gajak

Ingredients :
Sesame seeds 1 cup
Sticky jaggery ¾ cup
Cardamom powder ½ tsp
Pure ghee 2 tsp

Heat the sesame seed on a low fire while stirring constantly to avoid burning on the pan. When the sesame seed is thoroughly roasted, pound them when they become moderately cool. Heat the sticky jaggery in ½ cup of water till the syrup becomes thick. Add the roasted and pounded sesame to the syrup. Spread the sesame-jaggery mixture on a greased board and roll the mixture flat keeping the thickness to approximately 1 cm. Cut into squares when sufficiently cooled and hardened. You can serve it hot or store in an airtight container.

Stuffed Aloo Matar Parantha

Aloo Matar Parantha
Stuffed Aloo Matar Parantha

Boiled potatoes 200 gm
Boiled peas 100 gm
Salt 1 tsp
Ajwain ¼ tsp
Grated ginger 1 tsp
Ghee for frying
Wheat flour 400 gm well kneaded

Knead 400 gm wheat flour with water into thick dough. Mash together boiled potatoes, peas, salt, ajwain and grated ginger. Taking bits of the dough, shape them into small flat rounds and fill each with the stuffing. Turn up the edges and seal the dough to form a ball. Roll each of them again into rounds. On a hot griddle, cook them, one at a time, basting each with ghee on both sides till crisp and golden brown.



Mustard leaves 1 kg
Spinach 350 gm
Fenugreek leaves 150 gm
Corn 100 gm, pounded into flour
Onions 2 large, finely chopped
Tomatoes 500 gm, finely chopped
Ginger according to taste, finely chopped
Garlic according to taste, finely chopped

Remove stalks from the mustard, spinach and fenugreek leaves. Wash well and chop finely. Add finely chopped ginger and pressure cook it for 45 minutes on a low flame. Remove from fire and pound the saag till it is well mixed. Cook again over slow fire. Add corn flour while stirring constantly till the flour is mixed well into the saag. Before serving, heat some clarified butter, and chopped garlic, onions and fry well till they turn brown. Add more onions and cook till a thick puree is formed. Add the saag to it and serve hot with dollops of fresh homemade butter. Serve with makki-ki-roti, chapattis made of pounded corn flour.


Lohri Recipes

Black lentil 250 gm
Water 1,000 ml
Mustard oil 1 tsp
Fenugreek powder ½ tsp
Coriander powder ½ tsp
Buttermilk 200 ml
Turmeric powder ½ tsp
Ginger 2” finely cut
Onions 2 finely chopped
Green chillies 2 finely cut
Ghee 2 tsp
Cloves of garlic 12
Tomatoes 250 gm
Garam masala 1 tsp
Cream ½ cup
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves for garnishing

Wash the lentil well. Put water, lentil, turmeric, salt, ginger, fenugreek and coriander powder in the pressure cooker and cook for half an hour. Remove the lid, add 200 ml buttermilk and cook on a low flame for another half an hour. Put 2 tsp of ghee in a wok. First, put in the garlic, then finely cut green chillies, then the onions and fry well. Add chopped tomatoes, a pinch of sugar and ¼ tsp of salt. Now add the cooked lentil. Let it come to boil 2-3 times. Serve garnished with chopped coriander leaves..

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