Lohri Celebrations

Traditions of Lohri
Customs & Traditions of Lohri

Lohri is celebrated to mark the end of peak winter, this festival is traditionally associated with the harvest of the rabi crops. And thus, Punjabi farmers see the day after Lohri (Maghi) as the financial New Year.

The best way of celebrations in this chilly whether could be to sit around a bonfire and enjoy. Well, Lohri Celebrations would be the best festival to celebrate and spread the warmth of love and happiness among all your near and dear ones in this chilly weather. Lohri is majorly celebrated in Punjab and north Indian states on 13th January and is considered to be the harvesting festival of Punjab.

  • Lohri is not just a festival for people of Punjab but it is a symbol of life. Several hopes of farmers are associated with this festival of Lohri as the fields promise a golden yield to the farmers.
  • Newly wed couples and all those couples who have a newborn baby celebrate Lohri but nowadays it is seen that most of the people celebrate this festival of Lohri as an occasion of get together, to spend some time with their near and dear ones and enjoy the celebrations.
  • Children start collecting firewoods and wooden twigs one week before the festival that are used for burning Lohri .
  • On the Lohri day all the firewoods are arranged in a circular manner in such a way that it makes a huge bonfire.
  • Children visit each and every house of their locality inviting all he people for the Lohri celebrations and asking for their contributions. While visiting every house children sing a Lohri song, making everyone feel that the festival of Lohri is around the corner.
  • The traditional food cooked on the Lohri day is sarson ka saag and makki ki roti and rau di kheer is served as a dessert.
  • People dress themselves in new clothes and in the night they gather around the bonfire to light it. People pray in front of the burning bonfire and put til (gingelly), moongphali (peanuts), popcorns and chirwa (beaten rice) in it, as all these eatables are considered as the Lohri prasad.
  • People greet each other wishing a very happy Lohri and spread the feeling of love and happiness all around.
  • Traditional songs and famous dances, bhangra and gidda add to the celebrations to Lohri festival. When the bonfire is lit people start dancing and singing traditional lohri songs to create a perfect ambience of Lohri.


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