Lifelong friendship



Friendship is a wonderful human relationship. We make different friends at different stages of our lives from our kindergarten days till we are fully grown adults. As we move on in life, some friends are left behind, with just a few memories stored in our minds while we hold on to others and tend to become friends forever. So the million dollar question is – what does it take for a friendship to remain all through our lives.

1. You have similar thought processes – One common thing between lifelong friends is that they seem to think on a similar wavelength. Their ideologies about various important matters in life are found to be very similar. For example, a die-hard philanthropist and a hard core greedy person can never be friends for long.

2. Respecting other friends and family – Lifelong friendships are never meant to be restricted to just one person i.e. your friend. Sooner or later, other friends and family will occupy a larger space in your friend’s life. At that time, if you can’t accept their place in your friend’s life and respect your friend’s near and dear ones, your friendship might not last long. Similarly, your best friend would need to accept the space that your family members occupy in your life. Thus, you can be not only each other’s best friends but also friends of each other’s families.

3. Often childhood friendships continue to adulthood – When we are small kids, we have the purest form of heart, free from any malice of the world. That’s the time when friendships are not made by taking the other person’s financial or lifestyle status into consideration. Friendships made solely from the deepest corners of the heart are the ones that last the longest in one’s life.

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