Libra Love Horoscope

Read free Libra love horoscope and find out what the stars have in store for your love life and relationship.

Libra love compatibility
Libra Love Horoscope

Compatible Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Aries, Sagittarius.

Least Compatible Signs: Pisces, Taurus.

Single: 2019 holds great promise for all the singles who are ready to mingle. You will find a crush. Your inherent quality of second guessing yourself will give way to more confidence in your own decisions and thus you will garner the courage to tell your crush just how you feel.

In a Relationship: The past year has seen you make too many compromises with your partner. 2019 is the time to put your foot down for your own peace of mind. If your partner is as compromising as you have been then rest assured you have found the One, but if not, walk away.


Libra Compatibility

Libra Zodiac Cards
Libras love to be in relationships and can be very romantic

This is got to be the most agreeable team on earth, indeed what can be more agreeable than two balanced individuals sharing their lives. They have common interests, both are warm, outgoing, social creatures, peace loving and eager to please. Their relationship is beautiful and harmonious as both the partners understand each others needs.

Cancer/ Libra
Cancer and libra may not have much in common but their qualities are complementary in nature – the emotional and the intellectual. Libra can help Cancer see both sides of a situation and the Cancerians can cure the indecisive nature of the librans. Both these signs appreciate beauty and comforts and can get along to maintain a secure and comfortable home. However the crab must be refrain from being too critical of the Librans.

Capricorn/ Libra
Capricorns are drawn towards the charming Librans but these two signs do not have much in common.The pragmatic Capricorn runs oops, walks after the practical affairs of life while the Libran values various social and artistic pursuits. These two have to sort out their differences if they are to make this one work.

Gemini/ Libra
Both are air signs and intellectually well matched. Gemini and Libra can share a harmonious relationship unmarred by petty jealousies or other conflicts. Both of them are social, fun loving and affectionate and have a lot of fun together. They share their love for travel and wide ranging interests and can have a highly successful relationship.

Leo/ Libra
This can turn out to be a very successful relationship as it’s the coming together of passion and harmony. The balanced Libran is a perfect foil to the dynamic Lion, they share the same love for beauty and comfort. There’s no question about who’s in charge here as the Lions decisive action-oriented approach curb their partners indecisive nature.

Love Zodiac Libra Cards
You are a perfect match for me

Libra really wants peace, quiet, and harmony -while Aries wants action and adventure Each sign posses s what the other lacks. Aries are decisive, librans are charming – they can share a very balanced relationship.

Librans and Pisceans share a sentimental, peaceloving approach towards life. They are compatible as both are romantics and almost equally indecisive. There can be petty disagreements arising from Piscean’s constant need for reassurance and the Libran’s mental manipulations but often the partners are able to resolve their differences and bring the harmony back to their relationship.

Charming Librans hold the interest of the Saggitarians and the Librans are attracted to the Archer’s adventurous side. Both are romantic, enthusiastic, and full of energy, but the Archers must try and think before their blunt outbursts and the Librans must allow the Saggis enough emotional freedom. These two can share a balanced, interesting and funfilled relationship.

The intellectual facet of Librans and the emotional nature of the Scorpio makes this relationship a complete bonding of intellect and emotions. Scorpio’s myriad moods and extremely possessive nature can be difficult for the Librans to understand and the Scorpions can be easily offended by the flirtatious nature of Librans.

Libra is a social animal and the Taurean, a homebody; they can also have differences over financial matters as the Librans like spending for luxury and the Taureans are cautious about finances. The bull can be jealous of the Libran’s flirtatious ways and the Libran can find the Taurean’s dominating attitude hard to bear but both are romantic souls and both appreciate beauty. They can share a solid relationship if they overcome their differences.

Both these signs share their appreciation of beauty and culture but the frivolous Libra can infuriate the pragmatic Virgo and the critical tongue of Virgo offend the Librans. However , if they learn to work together, the Libran’s balance and the Virgo’s practical head can help them achieve many things. Together they make a good team.

Aquarians can share a harmonious relationship with the Librans as they share many interests. Both are air signs sharing emotional and intellectual bonds, they make a great team. The diplomatic charmer, Libra knows just how to handle the stubborn quirk in an Aquarius. Both are very social creatures and can have a fun relationship, filled with natural optimism and enthusiasm.

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