Lets Welcome Maa Durga

Durga Puja is a celebration for Everyone. It is the symbol of the victory of goodness over evil. It is celebrated grandly in West Bengal state. The festival is celebrated with with great enthusiasm and devotion in West Bengal. A large number of devotees worship goddess Durga in temples and wish well-being of their near and dear ones.

It is believed that the Goddess destroyed and killed the demon Mahisasura by her power or “Shakti” which was the combination of the powers of all the Gods.
It is also believed that during this time the Goddess visits her mother’s place in a year. The immersion of the Goddess in River Ganges in the mark of her returning to her Husband’s Place, i.e. Lord Shiva.

The kids, the adults and the Old, this 5 day festival is a real celebration for everyone. Everybody wears new clothes, go for trips to see the pandals and the idols at various places. The pandals are erected as the puja starts. The real spirit of this festival lies in Drumbeats or the “Dhaak.” The sound of the Dhaak and the aroma of the “Dhunuchi” fills the atmosphere with real Joy.

Men and women perform the ‘Anjali’ ritual aesthetically. Bengalis also love to wear Saaris during performing the Puja rituals and the men used to wear Dhoti and Kurta to symbolize the culture and tradition of West Bengal.

At many places cultural programs are introduced. People used to take part in such activities.

The first day of Saptami falls on 3rd October 2011. The Dashami falls on 6th October 2011.

Maa Durga Is coming …. Lets Welcome her with whole heart and devotion.

Celebrate this festivals by sending Durga Puja Greetings and cards to your near and dear ones.

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