Leo Birthday Horoscope

Leo birthday Horoscope
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Strongest of all, afraid of none. These are the LEO. Those born under this sunsign are bold They do not like to be dictated & make their own rules & live by it.

Fifth Zodiac sign. Strongest of all afraid of none…. these are the Lions. And of course, called the Leo. The period of a Leo extends from July 22 to August 21. Those born under this sun sign are born performers. They are bold and regal. The Leos do not like to be dictated, the make their own rules and live by it. And they simply hate to live by dogmas laid by the others.

What is most irksome about the Leos is the fact that they forever have their head in the clouds. Their PRIDE…. yes, most of the times transforms into egotism and when this happens their ugliness creeps in. 

So love them for all their goodness, and criticize them whenever they act big. To know more about the Leo Zodiac, read further.

Leo Traits

Leo Traits Cards
Happy Birthday Leo

Leos as they are, carrying the pride of Lion comes naturally them. Their pride is most distinct from others. But most of the time this takes the form of egoism.

Come what may, the Leos have a steadfast attitude. Even in the worst of times, the Leos are strong enough to move ahead in life. Their bravery makes them ideal for being a leader.

For Leos it’s either my way or the highway. To dominate on others is their second nature. Like Lions, Leos are also leaders. They make no bones about what they want. They have it very clearing their mind. And either by hook or by crook they will get it.

Leos are die-hard romantics who love to be in love. Their passion always keeps things in their relationship as hot as it gets. When it comes to passion, the Leos do not hold back from expressing their affection.

Although masters of their own life, Leos are extremely devoted people. But the shoe pinches when their loyalty ends in possessiveness. This creates tension around them that then makes things difficult for them as well those around them.

Know your Leo

Birthday wishes for Leo
You are charming

Problem 1:
Aggression in failures.

Leos should not always expect too much from their efforts. Its good to put one’s best effort in whatever they do but failures are a part of everyone’s life. Leos should learn to take downfall in their stride. And learn from their mistakes.

Leo Birthday Greetings
You deserve the best

Problem 2:
Being over-particular about money matters.

Leos have an annoying habit of being probing all about investments beforehand. Besides, they would also even go about discussing these matters with whomsoever they meet. Leos strictly need to find a way to stop all this. They seriously need to take things easy.

Big Happy Birthday Leo
Hope you have a fantastic Birthday

Problem 3:
Ego problem.

Leos have a lot of self- respect for themselves, which is good enough. But when egoism creeps into their pride, Leos start believing that they are mightier than the most. This makes their vision blurred. They then fail to see others who are far much better than them. It is important for Leos realize that humbleness is an achievement in itself.

Leo Characteristic Birthday card
Happy Birthday

Problem 4:
Struggling for recognition.

Doing things only for gimmickry is in itself a turn-off. Leos should learn to be themselves. This will give people a chance to see the actual you.

Lucky Stone:
Ruby. This stone protects the Leos from physical harm and brings truthfulness. It also ensures peace of mind.

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