Labor Day Quiz

Happy Labor Day
Labor Day Card

Test your history knowledge about labor day with this Labor Day quiz.

  • When is Labor day observed in US?
    Ans. - The first monday of September
  • When was First Labor day celebration held?
    Ans. – New York City
  • When was first labor day celebrated in New York City?
    Ans.September 5, 1882
Happy Labor Day
Happy Labor Day Card
  • When was labor day declared a U.S national holiday?
    Ans. - June 28, 1894
  • Under which President was Labor Day bill passed?
    Ans. - Grover Cleveland
  • When Peter McGuire and 100,000 workers went on strike?
    Ans. - In the spring of 1872
  • Organized workers demanded to work how many hours per day?
    Ans. - 8 Hours
  • Canadian labour groups have held parades and celebrations since 1872, but Parliament officially recognized Labour Day as a holiday in what year?
    Ans. - 1894

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