Karwa Chauth Messages

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Karwa Chauth Cards
May you be blessed with.. the blessings of wealth

May this day fill your life with loads of love and happiness.
May this Karwa Chauth be super special for you.

May your dreams blossom and make you happy in many ways.

Have a wonderful Karva Chauth!

On this Karva Chauth, I just wanna say..
Thank you, darling, for coming into my life
Happy Karva Chauth

May this auspicious day of Karwa Chauth
make the bond of your marriage stronger than ever!
Happy Karwa Chauth

May The Jingling Of Churis,
Fill Your Life With Good Luck,
The Twinkling Of Payal,
Announce Your Love For Him.
Wishing you a blessed Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth ecards.
Hope this day strengthens the bond of love

Hope this day strengthens the bond of love between you two.
May the almighty bless you with a happy and long married life.
Happy Karwa Chauth!

May you be blessed with… the blessings of wealth, prosperity, and happiness…
Heartfelt wishes to you on Karwa Chauth!

Wishing you blessed Karwa Chauth!

The sindoor adorns on the head of every woman. May it stay forever there.
Have a blessed and Happy Karvachauth!

A great marriage is not when everything is perfect for us. A great is when we try to make everything nearly perfect while enjoying the differences existing between us.
Have a happy and blessed Karvachauth!

Mutual admiration, enormous respect, equal attraction, and never-ending love. This is all that I want in our marriage forever.
Happy Karva chauth, dear Hubby!

Wish you a Happy Karva Chauth..
Warm wishes on Karwa Chauth

The difference between a great marriage and an extraordinary marriage is life-long friendship and never-ending love.
Happy Karvachauth dear husband!

Marriage is a partnership, not ownership. It is love, care, respect and support which keeps it going. We have everything in ours, my dear. Happy Karvachauth!

May This Blissful Day Fills Your Life,
With Love And Happiness.
Happy Karwa Chauth

On This Karwa Chauth, Sending My Heartfelt Wishes to you
May All Your Prayers For Your Husband’s Well Being, Be Answered Today And Always.
Happy Karwa Chauth

May This Karwa Chauth Be Super Special For You.

As You Celebrate Karwa Chauth ,The Bond Of Marriage,
Wishing You A Life Of Love , happiness and Togetherness Today And Always.
Happy Karva Chauth!

Karwa Chauth miss you cards
Missing You on Karwa Chauth

Patni karti vart to Pati karta dular
Tabhi to patni karti hai yeh vart har bar
Aisa hi hai Karwa Chauth ka pyaar bhara tyohar
Happy Karwa Chauth

करवा चौथ का पावन व्रत आया है
हर सुहागन अपने हाथों में चूड़ियाँ सजाये
माथे पर सिन्दूर लगाए
निकली चाँद के इंतज़ार में
हर मनोकामना पूरी करे रब्ब उनकी

आप दोनों की जोड़ी कभी न टूटे,
आप एक दूसरे से कभी न रूठें,
आप दोनों की खुशियाँ,
एक पल के लिए भी न छूटे!
शुभ करवा चौथ!

सुख-दुःख में हम-तुम
हर पल साथ निभाएंगे
एक जन्म नहीं सातों जन्म
पति-पत्नी बन आएंगे
करवा चौथ की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

हम तो बैठे है आपके इंतजार में.
जो हमे आपकी एक झलक मिल जाए तो ये व्रत सफल हो जाए.,
जल्दी से आ जाओ आप पास हमारे
है इंतज़ार आपका बेसब्री सें

चाँद की पूजा करके, करती हूँ मैं दुआ..
तुम्हारी सलामती की
तुझे लग जाये मेरी भी उमर,
गम रहे हर पल तुझसे जुदा..।
करवा चौथ की शुभकामनाएं

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