Janamashtmi Quiz

Krishna Janmashtami
Happy Janamashtmi

Janamashtmi quiz based on Lord Krishna’s life which are as follows :

1. Why do we celebrate Janamashtmi?

2. Where Lord Krishna spent his childhood?

3. Who was Lord Krishna favorite brother of Pandavs?

4. Name the dance which Lord Krishna used to play with the gopi’s of Vrindavan?

5. Lord Krishna is the avatar of which God?

6. Who was the actual mother of Lord Krishna?

7. Name the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna who was slain by God?

8. What was Lord Krishna’s brother name ?

9. Which hill Lord Krishna lifted to protect people of Brindavan from Indra’s rainstorm?

10. What Lord Krishna used to steal from Gopi’s pots?

11. Which witch demon was killed by Lord Krishna?

12. On which river bank Krishna used to play his flute?

13. By which name the Bal Krishna is depicted and worshipped?

14. What is Lord Krishna’s usual dress?

15. Who was Lord Krishna’ s beloved?

16. Lord Krishna is known by how many names?

17. What is the meaning of Krishna?

18. Who was Lord Krishna’s childhood, intimate true friend?

19. In which city Bhagwan Krishna was born?

20. Which festival is celebrated every August/September, the day after Krishna Janmashtami mainly in Maharashtra?

21. Janmashtami or Sri Krishna Jayanti celebrates the birthday of Krishna. It is also known by which name in Maharashtra and South India?

22. Janmashtmi is also called by all of the following names except one. Which one is not Janmashtmi?

The answers are as follows :

1. Celebrate the birth of Krishna

2. Vrindavan

3. Arjun

4. Ras Leela

5. Vishnu

6. Devki

7. Kans

8. Balram

9. Govardhan

10. Makhan (Butter)



13. Ladoo Gopal

14. Yellow dhoti with peacock feather crown

15. Radha

16. 108

17. Dark Blue

18. Sudama


20. Dahi Handi


22.Shreebal Astami

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