International Children’s Day

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Happy Children’s Day
On the first day of June, many countries celebrate International Children’s Day. The world conference for the well-being of children in Geneva, Switzerland, announced June 1stto be International Children’s Day in 1925. It was first celebrated in 1954 under the guidance of the United National General Assembly, but it was not celebrated on 1st June. Even though each country chooses its own day to celebrate Children’s Day; June 1st, has been taken up in the US as the official day. More than 30 states actively participate in the June 1stcelebration.
Since then it is being celebrated every year. On this day the world conference meets up and there are discussions on children’s rights and their well-being, and other concerns involving or in relation to children. The message of love and hope is sent all over the world by children on this Day. Festivals, Health programs, Theatrical plays and concerts for the children are organized throughout the world.
While Children’s Day is a special day for children we as adults have a special responsibility towards them. We have to take care of their needs and protect their rights. As children are our future, lets honor them and make them feel valued and loved this International Children’s Day.
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