Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Rethink your spending this year and consider one of these inexpensive gift ideas

The point of gift-giving is to find something personal, heart-felt and tailor-made to the person you’re giving it to. Finding that kind of a gift doesn’t need to cost a fortune, either – good news if you’re on a budget. Below are some ideas for inexpensive, but touching, gifts. Or, if you’ve got an artistic streak, you can try out some of our suggestions for handmade gifts.
Popular Inexpensive Gift Ideas
Bath sets

Popular Cheap Gift Ideas
Bath sets

Great for anyone who likes to relax after a long day at work.

Cell phone case

Mobile case
Cell phone case

As phones become a larger part of our lives, a decorative protective case is a stylish and practical gift.

Movie Tickets
Who doesn’t love going to the movies? A pair of gift vouchers to the recipient’s local theater will definitely brighten his or her day.


Top Cheap Gift Ideas

Whether it’s the traditional Swiss Army knife, or a new version, these pocket-sized life-savers are great for people who are always on the go.

Handmade Inexpensive Gift Ideas
Baked goods

Handmade Cheap Gift Ideas
Baked goods

Whether you have a great recipe for cookies, cake, pie or another sweet treat, a small batch of something from your kitchen will always go down well.

Poem or short story

Write a short story

If you love writing, try coming up with a story or poem just for the recipient. It could be in their favorite genre, or about one of their favorite hobbies.

Cards or stationary

Handmade card
Cards or stationary

If you like drawing, you could put those skills to use by designing personalized note cards, note pads or other stationary. Then, take your design to your local copy store and print out a whole set.

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