How To Throw A Father’s Day Surprise Party

Father’s Day Surprise Party
A few ideas for a surprise bash especially for your Dad.

There is no doubt about the fact that fathers are an integral part of shaping us into the person that we are today. So it is only right that we show our gratitude towards the man who has given it all to raise us. And what better way than to throw a surprise party for your dad.

Before you decide on the kind of surprise party you want to throw, you need to take into consideration your father’s likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests. If he is the outdoor kind then surely the party has to be hosted outside in the family house garden or a picnic somewhere. If he loves relaxing at home, then it has to be at home.

Once you have decided on what kind of a surprise party you want to throw, you need to make other initial arrangements like inviting the guests (preferably immediate family, but if the extended are also close to him, invite them over). The next very important thing to be done is seeing to it that your dad is out of home so that you can make the arrangements. Normally Father’s Day falls on a Sunday. So even if your dad is working, you need to plan to keep him out on a Sunday. You could ask your Mom to take him out for grocery shopping followed by lunch outside. Or have a sibling take him out for a movie. Yes, you do have to keep him distracted to keep the element of surprise. And you know men!! It is easy to keep things from them and give them a surprise.

Here are a few ideas for a surprise bash especially for your father:

  1. A Surprise Summer Picnic


Organise a surprise picnic party with family. The picnic spot can be any of the favoured ones in your area. Decide whether you want to take cooked items like sandwiches and wafers along. But it would be more fun if you were to organise the cooking of lunch at the picnic area itself, where the entire family lends a hand in cooking the meal. And yes!! Do not forget the 6 pack if your father loves his beer. Your dad will really enjoy every minute of this gesture. Take games along. Activity games like Frisbee or family fun games like Pictionary. Be together, laugh, have fun.

  1. A Surprise Movie Party in the Backyard

Movie Party
A Surprise Movie Party

If your father is a movie buff then this would be a perfect idea. Arrange for a makeshift theatre in the backyard, complete with garden chairs & beanbags. Hire a projector and a screen. Call all close family members. Select a Classic movie that your father would love to watch. Naturally this party has to be late in the evening, once the sun has set. Serve cocktails and mocktails along with potato wafers and popcorn. Arrange for a longer intermission where you serve up barbeque dinner. Your dad is sure to fall in love with you all over again.

  1. A Party at a Resort

 Throw A Father’s Day Surprise Party
A Party at a Resort
  • Organise a party for your dad along with the entire family in the resort, where together you can spend time swimming in the pool, getting pampered in the spa and having some delicious food of your dad’s choice. You can carry along some family games too and play in the pool area. Your father is sure to love every minute of it.

    1. A Surprise Breakfast


    You can organise a surprise breakfast for you father, where you along with your siblings prepare a sumptuous breakfast (include things your father loves, things his mom used to make for him), put it on a tray, and take it to his room for a bed breakfast. You can spend time with him in the room, look at albums together, and share precious memories and some laughter.

    Doing fun activities together will increase the bond with your father and your father will cherish these moments for many years to come. So go ahead and make the day special for the special man in your life.

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