How to save your marriage?


So, your marriage is falling apart lately and you have looked everywhere for answers, to find a solution that can save your marriage. But nothing is working out. Well, actually do something ‘out of the box’ to address the issue. Don’t just say it.

1. Where did the God go?

All your friends and relatives have suddenly transformed into the ‘I know it all’ people who seem to posses the magic wand with which they can solve your problems. They have 110 marriage saving ideas for you. Amidst, all this cacophony, you forget the all almighty, the creator of mankind itself. Who can listen to your hearts and understand you more than him. Reach out to him, for a change, and the probability of your marriage getting saved will obviously be more.

2.  It all starts with trying to fix the other  

The root cause of any breaking relationship in the world is non-acceptance of the basic, inherent nature of the other person in the relationship. Spouses go so overboard in trying to change others that we continue to do it even at the cost of the relationship. The ‘Yes, I won’ attitude can help you in the short run but ultimately, it will bite your asses sooner or later.

3.  Beware of Marriage Counselors – You have approached every known marriage counselor in your city to seek their professional help on saving your marriage. What happens eventually is that they empty your pockets telling what you already knew. But because you spend your hard earned money, you become all ears to their not-so-useful wisdom. I am unable to understand how that third person can understand and claim to solve your problem when you both can’t who once agreed to spend all your life together without anyone else’s consent.

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