How to propose your Valentine on V-day

Are you looking for a unique way to propose on Valentine’s Day? Here are some original ideas to pop the question on February 14th.

If you want to express your love for the special person, then what’s better than the Valentine’s Day to say the words that matter? However, proposing on V-day has both its pros and cons. While it gives you the right ambiance and opportunity, there is also a chance of getting rejected and this prevents many lovers from popping the question. But if you have decided to propose your love on V-day here are some great ideas.

With a flower:

With a flower
How to propose your Valentine on V-day

Nothing expresses your feelings better than a flower. You can keep sending him/her one fresh rose for the entire week before the Valentine’s Day and then propose with a fake rose on D-day and say I’d love you till this last flower dies.

With candies:


Love is the sweetest of emotions, so why not propose with candies? You can gift the special person in your life a box full of conversational candies that will say ‘love me’ or ‘marry me’. If you are proposing for marriage be ready with a ring to complete the event.

In a crowd:
A woman always wants the world to know when she is in love. So, it would be a good idea to propose to your sweetheart in a crowded place. You can go down on your knees to make it spectacular. She will enjoy having the audience to witness the moment.

Cook a dinner:

Making Dinner
Cook a dinner

You may want to cook a romantic dinner for your love before popping the all important question. Make it a romantic event by creating the right mood with aromatic candles and romantic music.

Recreate the first date:

First date
Recreate the first date

Take your darling to the place where you went on your first date. This will help in reliving the memories and create the right ambiance for your next move.

In a restaurant:

ow to Propose Your Valentine On Valentine Day
In a restaurant

In a recent study it has been seen that restaurants come second after home when it comes to choosing the right place for proposing. You can propose the traditional way by putting the ring in a glass of champagne or make special arrangements with the restaurant manager. If you want to make it more special you can ask the chef to prepare his/her favorite dishes.

Beach proposal:

Proposal Ideas
Beach proposal

You can take a walk down the beach and whisper the magic words in his/her ears. To make the event more memorable you can plan a romantic dinner on the beach.

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