How To Make This New Year Your Best


New Year is a time of rejuvenation, when the soul seeks replenishment, ready to come out of its hibernation. For some, it marks new beginnings, for others, it might be another year of challenges . Whatever the reason may be, there’s one thing I want all of you to do this New Year’s eve.
Consider it to be a tiny exercise.

Take some time off and reflect on all those happy moments with happy new year messages – when you got a promotion, a good grade in school, got married (or separated, for those enjoying singlehood !) took a trip with loved ones, your first kiss, your first paycheck, and all the other happy things imaginable! Now, think of all those moments that made you feel low – the death of someone close, a break up , failure at work and humiliation. Introspect on the lessons you learned and the mistakes you made, what was and what could have been, and all the other ups and downs that you faced. Now take a deep breath, exhale, and move !

Move to find new ways, move to observe, move to learn new wisdom! Take action. No matter how big or small, carefree of the end results. Move … because inertia is breathing without living. Robertson Davies has summed it up so well – “Inactivity and deprivation of all accustomed stimulus is not rest, it is a preparation for the tomb”.

I understand that it is challenging for most of us to be in good spirits throughout. Let’s face it, we all experience turbulences in life. And I’m not asking you to maintain a cheerful façade. But when we realize the importance of our limited time, acknowledge our transient existence and truly come to fathom the enormous mass of information and knowledge that is out there, waiting to be discovered by us, it would be easier to pull ourselves back up and show resilience in the face of adversity. After all, we are nothing but mere specks in this universe. With this attitude, nothing can stop you from having the best New Year. Heck, you’ll make the best out of all your years on planet earth, I tell you !
Life is like a roller coaster friends , so hop on! Because it’s one hell of a ride!


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