How to make Someone Fall in Love with You

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Ways to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

Love – as simple as it sounds also happens to be the most profound of all emotions. It takes but a moment to fall in love and a lifetime to forget someone. A lot has been said about Love, countless books containing innumerable words have been penned on the topic and yet Love seems to be the most complex thing to be defined. So how does one make someone fall in love … is it truly possible?

Well the answer is yes and no. Love fortunately or unfortunately cannot be extracted from or given by force. Love is blind and doesn’t follow any rules but those of the heart. When it will happen, with whom and where…these are questions no one knows the answers to.

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For someone to genuinely fall in love with you, the first prerequisite is to be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not with the sole intent of making an impression on someone. Don’t fake – keep t real. – that’s when they get to see and like the real YOU. And when you present yourself as original and you are sure to catch the attention of the correct pair of eyes.

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Another vital thing to bear in mind in this context – Don’t build castles in the air. If you seek someone’s affections and want it to last, be honest and totally transparent about your own intentions. Be down to earth and realistic .

Love cards
I love you

Love is not a conquest or a contest. It may be for some but they are merely egoistic, self -centred and narcissistic people without a clue about what love truly is about. When you wish for someone to fall in love with you, don’t pitch yourself against anyone else, this is not a game where there are winners and losers and points for ‘winning’. Positive people attract others. Happy individuals and those with a caring disposition are a magnet. Be a generous soul – someone who reaches out selflessly to others; and see the difference. Treat everyone around you with equanimity Money does not make a man, manners most definitely do. Practise this and you are definitely going to be noticed by that special someone.

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