How to make Beautiful and Easy Easter Crafts to decorate your home

Easter is a wonderful time where everyone can express their creativity and made beautiful craftswhich can help them spent time with their kids.

From paper flowers to egg decoration these beautiful and easy Easter crafts are fun for kids and adults and help you to brighten your home .

1. Easter Marshmallow peeps wreath

Easter Marshmallow  peeps wreath
5 yards satin ribbon
12′ floral foam wreath
20-22 Marshmallow Bunny Peeps
Glue Gun

1.Wrap your wreath with satin ribbon to cover it.
2.Pin into place
3.glue the Marshmallow Peep sonto the ribbon-covered wreath.
4.Use 1 yard of satin ribbon for hanging

2.Easter Sock Bunnies



Child’s sock
Scrap felt
About 1/2 bag of rice
Pom pom
rubber band
1.Fill a colorful socks with rice
2.Tie the top with arubber band
3.Wrap a ribbon around the “neck.”
4.Cut round ears, add a felt face, and a pom pom tail.


3.Easter candy flowers

Easter candy flowers

Supplies :
Springy Scrapbook Paper,
Double Sided tape
mini cupcake liners
some candy.
Cut paper flowers
use cupcake liners to create a daffodil.
Fill with your favorite Easter candy


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