How to make a successful marriage


Every marriage (Love or Arranged) will hopefully be a happy one, but sometimes the couple may encounter a set of problems, which they have to resolve together as they are in a ‘two body but one soul’ relationship. There are ways to sort out issues and have a successful marriage, but only if you really want to. Here are some basic ingredients of a recipe called a ‘successful marriage’.

  1. Stop looking for a Perfect Him/Her – Most marriages get sour because we only want the good part of the spouse’s personality but that can’t happen. You have to accept the little imperfections within him/her and work around them instead of completely denying them and hence getting frustrated. Don’t be rigid about trying to change your partner completely, as per your thought process, as that’s where many problems start. Marriage is about accepting each other with inherent shortcomings and finding a middle path with love, care and concern.
  2. It’s not just with you – Most importantly, you should understand that it’s not just your marriage that has got some problems while others are living happily ever after. When we start comparing our spouses with our friends’ or siblings’ spouses it simply adds more spark to the fire. Stop comparing with others and believe that they have worked together to make theirs a successful marriage. You can do it too.
  3. Expressing Love – Few years down the line, and the initial attraction may have begun to fade. Don’t ever let romance die a slow death. Don’t miss any opportunity to express your love for your life partner, irrespective of the years you have been married. The eternal love which you once promised your spouse, make sure those were not just words but a lifelong commitment towards your partner, by showing him/her that you care.

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