How to Increase Your Luck

Good Luck Messages
Good Luck Card

1. Just believe that you are lucky makes you more likely to be receptive to the opportunities around you.

  • When you start believing that you are lucky
    It changes your perspective.

2. You should have well defined Goals

  • When you are clear about your goals, it makes you more aware of opportunities around you.
  • Keep your goals on  top priority.
  • You can  scribbled in a notebook and review them regularly.
  • Share your goals with people around you your goals to people around you, they will more likely bring you opportunities relevant to you and your goals.


3. Be in the company of right people.

  • Go to meetups
  • Look for mentors to guide you in right direction.

4. Open to Opportunities

  • Sometimes, opportunities knock at your door but you fail to notice it.
  • You need to be cone out of your comfort zone in order to accept luck into your life.


5. Be Grateful

  • By being more grateful, others will be more likely to want to do things for you because they know it will be appreciated.

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