How to Impress Women


When it comes to impressing women, a couple of lovely gestures or a romantic comment can help create a lasting impression. It doesn’t take much time for women to decide whether they should choose a certain individual as their lover or partner. So, if you’d like to impress a woman, try to do those simple yet special things which will increase your chances of impressing her.

Tips on How to Impress Women

Here are some ideas on how you may impress women.

1. Be a gentleman:
Being gentleman is more than showing your chivalry. What a woman looks for in a man is whether the latter respects the former’s space and equality. Women prefer to be treated like a lady, and they admire men who are respectful, well-mannered, and attentive.

Another aspect of being a gentleman is to groom yourself such that women find you presentable. Since women are often judged by the way they look, they too can do the same when it comes to choosing men.

2. Don’t forget to compliment her:
One of the top ways to impress women is to compliment her by saying that her presence gives off a “happy” vibe. This will give you the chance to ask her about all the things that make her happy. This way you can actually know more about her. The lady will also feel better and appreciate your gesture.

However, you should give sincere compliments. That’s because women can sense when a compliment is just pretense. Complimenting a woman on her character and qualities rather than her appearance is indeed a better way to impress her. Also, the way you compliment a woman matters a lot than what you’re actually saying.

3. Try to maintain eye contact:
You should maintain eye contact when conversing with a woman. It can be a bit difficult for you to concentrate on the conversation while maintaining eye contact, especially if she is beautiful and gorgeous. However, you should listen to her carefully while looking straight into her eyes. This reflects your confidence level which is something that women want to find in men.

4. Show your sense of responsibility:
If you’re really thinking about how to impress women, well then, you must know that they admire men who are willing to take responsibilities. They appreciate men who take the responsibility for having committed mistakes and learn from their errors without complaining. So, avoid thinking yourself to be a victim and learn to find out what went wrong with your choices and decisions.

5. Show how passionate you are about life:
Men who are passionate about the small things in life and know how to enjoy their lives in the midst of problems, are highly appreciated by women. So, if you’re that kind of a guy, you’d be able to impress women quickly.

6. Avoid being with your cell phone quite often:
Answering phone calls in the midst of a conversation or while you’re on a date is something that women don’t appreciate. What you need to do is silence your phone or turn it off so that you can give your partner your undivided attention.

7. Fit yourself into her social network:
One of the best ways to impress women is to socialize with their dear ones and friends. Women get easily attracted to men who can connect better with their family and social network. So, make sure you interact with your partner’s friends and families. Once you make an impact on them, you’ll be able to impress her as well.

8. Show that you’re interested in her:
Well, you should show a woman that you’re genuinely interested in her qualities more than her looks. The best way to do this is to start a conversation where she gets to talk about herself. Any woman would simply love to do that. So, ask her questions and make her feel comfortable. Only then, she’ll open up with more information about herself.

9. Seek her advice:
If you’re trying to find out how to impress women, ask her for advice on any issue that bothers you. She’ll appreciate that you value others’ opinions. However, while you may seek advice, make sure you give her some background details so that she can create her own opinion and carry on with the conversation.

10. Keep smiling:
Women appreciate men who always keep a smile on their faces. They admire those who are funny at times and can make others laugh as well. This is something that women may look for more than just good looks.

11. Compliment her looks:
Looks may not matter a lot when it comes to choosing someone as your lover or partner. But complimenting one’s looks goes a long way in impressing the former. It’s a great way to make her feel that she gets noticed by you.

If you’re looking for ways to impress women, try the ideas given above and make your special someone feel loved and treasured.

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