How to Genuinely Wish Someone a Happy Birthday


A Birthday is an occasion of joy, a ceremonial rite of sorts, commemorating the day on which each person is born. How do you wish someone a happy birthday? To answer this question, we first must address the following – Why must we celebrate our birthday? What makes us so special that every year, an entire day is dedicated to us?

For many people the definition of birthday may only be limited to a day of partying and letting it loose. In fact, I don’t think there are a lot of people, who realize or appreciate its deeper meaning. True, it is one of those days where we can take a break from work and just be with our loved ones. But do we really take some time off to admire the wonder of nature, how a single cell evolved in various different ways into a complex, meaningful being?

Instead of looking at the surface notion of a birthday, I feel we should all engage in just a little bit of introspection and appreciate our weaknesses and strengths, vices and virtues, and our individuality. Of course, this should not be restricted to just one day, we have reason enough to engage in regular self-reflection, because it is only through this that we come to admire the similarities that connect us all and the differences that make each and every one of us unique.

This leads not only to an enhanced self-awareness but also instills in us a deeper understanding of other people. So before you buy a gift for a partner, parent, friend, or boss, think of the special moments you shared with them and of the invaluable memories you would be making with them.Before you blow those candles and cut that cake, think of all the experiences that made you the special person you are.Be grateful to the people who surround you, singing a “Happy Birthday” song because they are there just for you, and before you wish someone a “Happy Birthday”, truly mean it because empty greetings are like lyrics without music.

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