How to be an attractive personality


The pursuit of attractive personality has been driving the mankind crazy, irrespective of time and location. It is clearly evident from our social environment as to what extent this desire to enhance one’s personality has been engraved in our psyche. I would not call it a useless desire though because it is indelible aspect of our social interactions. One’s personality can make or mar his/her chances to be accepted or rejected at job, at friendship or at love. Let’s see how one can develop a positive (attractive) personality.

  1. Physical Appearance – It matters but it shouldn’t be mistaken as having an attractive personality. That’s just one part of it. However, being neat, clean, fit and healthy always scores you an extra point, there’s no doubt about that.
  2. Sense of Humor – It is always wonderful to have a good sense of humor, especially about one’s self. It is strength beyond all measures and people will love your company. No one likes a crabbing soul full of negativity.
  3. Firm handshakes – Handshakes tell a lot about one’s intrinsic personality. Strong headed folks with lots of guts and will power often happen to give firm, rock-steady handshakes. It is indeed a mirror to one’s inner personality which should be bold and attractive enough to impress others.
  4. Use of mouth – An attractive personality or not, often comes down to the way you talk and what you talk about. You are really mistaken if you think that others are morons who’ll just agree to whatever you say and will take all the exaggeration in the right spirit. The men of words only receive an honest welcome. Also, it’s very important to mind your tone. The way you talk and say things tells a lot about your character, which in turn defines your overall personality.

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