How Holi Become Festival of Colors?

Happy Holi
Colors, balloons, water, sweets

Colors, balloons, water, sweets – these are the symbol of one festival ‘Holi’. Holi shows the commencement of Spring and celebrated with great enthusiasm in India and abroad. People wish ‘Happy Holi’ to each other to liven up the spirit of this festival. But why it is called the ‘festival of colors’. There is a story attached to it.

Once there was a king of Mathura ‘Kansa’ who wanted to kill his nephew Krishna. To kill him he sent his sister ‘Holika’ who was blessed with the power of fire. She took Krishna in her lap and sat on fire. But as she was an evil soul, she got burnt and Krishna come out safely. Since then on the first day of Holi people light up bonfire in remembrance of this history and next day they play with colors. Now there is another story attached for why holi is played with colors.

Lord Krishna
The Krishna Legend

This story is also associated with Lord Krishna. Once Krishna played a prank with Radha and other girls. He applied colors and drenched water on them. This prank of Lord Krishna was accepted so much by people that it flourished as a tradition.

Holi Colors

These were the stories but otherwise also as Holi depicts the day of get-togetherness and happiness these colors too depicts the same. So play holi safe with soothing colors and spread happiness in your loved ones lives.

Are your dear ones far from you? Make them feel your presence on this day by sending them a colorful ecard:

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