Happy May Day


Happy Labor Day Quotes and Messages
Labor Day

Doctors , Nurses, Police & Cleaning labours are the four pillars of India now, this peoples are pride of India,
We all salute & wishing
May Day to all.

Thanks Police & Cleaning labours

Today on May Day, I m really proud of all our Doctors, Health workers, Military and Police department and all scientist protecting us from all kind of emergency situations. Without you we are not safe to fight against pandemic situation.
#May Day

Inspirational Labor Day Messages
Happy May Day!

Happy May Day!!  Also known as International Workers’ Day!
Special thank you to all those essential workers esp those on the frontlines.

Labour Day 2020: Wishes, messages, quotes
Happy Labour Day wishes and thanks

Happy #1stMay Everyone!
Hoping May Is A Good Month!
Stay Positive & Stay Safe

Happy May Day, a day to salute the hardworking soul around us!
Our appreciation belongs to you because you all deserve it.
Happy May Day!
#1stmay  #workers #hardworking

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