Happiness in daily life

smile-cardI’m sure, if you practice these things, your happiness meter will go up.

Is happiness in daily life achievable? The answer is yes, however, you have to change your attitude. Many a people live a life of unhappiness and sorrow, simply because they are not familiar with the basic rules of life. You don’t need a lot of wealth, fame, a palatial house or luxury cars to live a happy life. In fact, many people, who have all these things aren’t living a happy life. I’m going to provide you a few tips on how to live a happy life without making a drastic change in your material possessions.

Tips on how to live a happy life

  1.  Change your outlook and change the way you think. Always discover the brighter side of things. Your mind has a tendency to think negatively. Don’t allow it in the first place.
  2.  Never compare yourself with others. God has given a unique gift to everyone of us and it cannot be compared to the gift given to someone else.
  3.  According to the famous adage, “either you are the problem or you are the solution.” So, try to become the solution not a problem.
  4.  Give time to yourself and listen to some uplifting and relaxing music. It brings down the anxiety level and saves you from many fatal illnesses and lifestyle diseases. It also rejuvenates you.
  5.  Read jokes and watch comedy serials to ward off the pressure of daily life.
  6.  Spend some time reading good books, surfing the Internet and learning something new.
  7.  Keep an eye on the devil. Whenever negative thoughts come to mind, raise an alarm and switch your brain to some pleasant thoughts.
  8.  Pat your back for your achievements, but don’t allow yourself to sink into dejection for something you could not achieve.
  9.  Change the way you talk to yourself. Change the entire script and talk to yourself as if you are the most successful and deserving person on earth.
  10.  Don’t overload yourself with daily targets. It can lead to frustration and unhappiness at the end of the day. Make a list of achievable daily targets and give yourself a nice street in the evening even if you’re able to achieve just 70% of these tasks.
  11.  Avoid toxic people and if you happen to find such a person anywhere, make sure that this meeting shouldn’t last for more than a minute or two.
  12.  Make a list of your achievements on weekly and monthly basis, convert it into a poster and fix that poster where you can see it daily.
  13.  Make a collage of your dream destinations, dream car and dream house and paste it in your bedroom. It also works as a law of attraction tool.
  14.  As I said earlier, don’t forget to reward yourself once every fortnight. You can buy a good book, a poster, a music album, a bunch of flowers and some good clothes, visit your favorite road, take a walk alongside the beach, watch a good movie in a multiplex or simply do some painting etc.
  15.  Stay away from envy, jealousy and backbiting, and instead make good friends.

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