Hanukkah – “festival of lights”

Hanukkah is also known as “festival of lights” and every aspect related to Hanukkah is associated with new hopes, warmth, love and happiness. Hanukkah anecdotes a great victory accomplished by the Jews over the Syrian-Greeks. And Hanukkah Ideas bring forth the essence of triumph over the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem by Judas Maccabee in 165 BC. The sacred place had been earlier profaned by Antiochus IV Epiphanes who was the king of Syria and overlord of Palestine. So, get indulged in the mood of celebration with Hanukkah Ideas.


Traditions play an important role in Hanukkah

Some of the rituals religiously followed are: The ritual of gifting gelt to kids. As we all know, gifts are the perfect representation of your feelings of pleasure and cheerfulness and they also give us an opportunity to form with all those who hold an important place in your life. And Hanukkah gifts are no exception. It is a ritual to eat fried food during the occasion of Hanukkah. Some of the common food items include potato latkes and sufganiot (jelly doughnuts).

To play dreidel game is also a regular practice. Hanukkah celebrations would lose its spirit without music. Some of the all time favorite Hanukkah songs are “I have a little dreidel”, “Chanuka, chanuka” and “Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah.” So, get ready to tune into the mood of festivities and merriment with DGreetings. So, setlle in and glean some insights into Hanukkah Ideas with

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  • Hanukkah Songs
  • Hanukkah Recipes
  • Hanukkah Flowers
  • Hanukkah Decorations
  • Hanukkah Food
  • Hanukkah holiday
  • Christmas Hanukkah
  • Hanukkah Toy


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