Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

This Christmas, delight your loved ones with handmade gifts which show how much you care for them on this festive occasion.
Ideas for Handmade Christmas Gifts
Festive candles with a monogram: Get a candle and candleholder from the store and wrap the latter with colored cardstock. Decorate the cardstock with letters and die-cut accents or stickers.
Card wreaths: Use upholstery webbing to cover a straw wreath. Secure the webbing to the wreath with sewing pins. Tie a bow at the top and create a loop at the back of the wreath so that it can be hung anywhere you want. Adorn the wreath with antique Christmas cards fixed with the help of binder clips. Use vintage collectibles to further decorate the wreaths.
Photo gifts: Fold a piece of cardstock into half and fix a photo of your dear ones along one of its edges. Choose a photo that can help your loved ones recollect a lovely memory he/she shares with you. Write down a special message for your dear ones on the other edge of the cardstock. This will make a perfect handmade Christmas gift for your loved ones.
Coffee sleeves: Cut a 3-4 inch piece from a colorful sock or small sweater after you have washed it. Emboss it with buttons and pieces of snowflakes cut out from felt. Wrap a cup around with this piece of sock or sweater and apply glue to fix the ends. Your dear ones will be delighted to receive such a creative gift from you.
Bath towels: Decorate bright colored linen napkins by sewing red laces on their edges. Place these towels on a tray and tie them together with a festive satin ribbon.
Homemade gift baskets: Paint a basket with the color of your choice, and adorn it with multicolored ribbons, raffia, and butcher’s paper. Fill the basket with an assortment of gifts like candles, soaps, an angel figurine, Christmas bells, small Christmas trees made of felt, and a snowman figure. Adorn the basket with a festive bow, and it will make a perfect handmade gift for Christmas.
  Christmas messages is one of the best idea to celebrate Christmas with your dearest.

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