Halloween Symbols

Have you wondered about the origin and meaning of the festive Halloween symbols seen all over during the holiday. We explain what symbols to you in this article below.
Come to think of the term “Halloween” and we all relate it with supernatural or eerie forces of nature or even the deadly spirits. The word it self had its beginning in the Catholic Church. According to the Celtic people, Halloween was synonymous with Samhain (meaning November and acknowledged as the end of summer). According to the legend, Celts attributed Halloween to the Lord of the Dead. This led to the attachment of several symbols, which were quite mysterious to this Halloween carnival. These became famous as Halloween symbols. Different symbols of Halloween are also used for gifting and have been in tradition for a long time.

Topmost favorite Halloween symbols

Topmost Favorite Halloween Symbols

Jack-o-Lanterns are considered the universal Halloween symbols.

Normally these are placed on porches and the window areas. This is solely down with a hope that Jack will take out light without disturbing anyone.

This especially pumpkin carved out Jack-o-Lantern is an essential part of the celebration of Halloween.


symbols of Halloween

Bats are another famous Halloween symbols, which have been linked with witches and vampires.

There is a belief that Witches can take the form of Bats; they usually represent bad omen.

Masks are used for warding off the evil sprits or the ghosts. Usually the Druids, the Celtic priests wear the masks. The false face is one of the most recognized masks.

Black Cats

Halloween Black Cats
Black Cats

Besides the masks, Jack-o-Lantern or the Bats, Black Cats too are among the other known Halloween symbols.

In the past, black cats were hunted down and burnt because they symbolized spirits or even incarnated humans.

Ghosts and Skeleton

Halloween Symbols and Their Origins
Ghosts and Skeleton

The other symbols like ghosts and skeletons embodied death and mystery.

It is a common belief that on the Halloween night, the spirits of the dead roamed freely. The feeling of eerie environment and spookiness comes from spiders and webs, which are famed symbols of Halloween.

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