Halloween Masks

Halloween mask ideas
Halloween Masks

Here’s a list and some details  of the best Halloween masks, including scary masks, funny masks, and kids’ masks you can wear to any Halloween party.

Halloween Masks make the Halloween night more scary and frightful. They are worn on faces to create that eerie and mysterious look for the day and at the same time to enhance the effect of reality and horror at night.Those ghastly, blood thirsty, alarming, awesome and terrific Halloween Masks are fantastic for celebration of Halloween. Hence, don’t be afraid to cop a bad attitude, after all its Halloween! And you can take spooking to towering heights with these different masks.

There are so many and different kinds of masks available for you to choose from. They also make for great gift ideas for everyone.
Alien Masks:

Masks for halloween celebration
Alien Masks

Aliens are real and with alien masks create your own extraterrestrial environment at home! The different alien masks are UFO (Unidentified Flying objects) Gray Mask with bulging oval eyes, Glow Alien with hood mask, 60’s Hippie Mask and Crop Circle Alien Mask.

Bloody Masks:

Bloody masks are Slash Mask
Bloody Masks

These masks incredibly feature puncture wounds, contusions, and all manner of nastiness for your haunting pleasure. The different Bloody masks are Slash Mask, screaming Corpse Mask, Ripped up mask, Neck Stump Mask, Mr. Fisher and Mr. Tongue Mask.

Half Laugh Mask
Clown Masks

Wear these masks and the joke’s on you! Jokester’s grin, rag hair and comically creepy smile will give you chills this Halloween night. The different masks are Pickles mask, Misery Mask, Killer Clown Mask, Half Laugh Mask, Happy Clown Mask, Evil Clown Mask, Clowning around Mask.

Creature Masks:
For that grave-risen look, wear these creature masks for creating gory and creeping environment.

Scary Halloween Masks
Leather Face Scary Mask:

Leather Face Scary Mask
Scary Halloween Masks

This mask is being derived from the movie, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. This is a perfect choice for your friends in the dark to give them a jolt.

Quilt Halloween Mask:
This is yet another category of scary mask that appears to have three faces sewn together. This is an excellent gift idea also.

Vampire Skull:
This is a half-faced mask showing your white teeth. This when worn at night will be great for total horrifying effect and will be a nightmare for every one.

Jason Mask:
This from Friday The 13th movies. This is officially licensed mask. Actually, there are two masks in this. First, there is overhead latex mask of Jason himself—what he really looks like behind the Hockey mask. Then there is Hockey mask that fits over Jason’s monster looking face. Hence, even after taking off the Jason’s Mask you can still scare the wits out of anybody with Hockey Mask beneath.

Dapper Ghoul:
He is perfect Ghoul gentleman for kids, family, friends and relatives. Wear him on and ask for an evening out or a dinner together.

This is another scary, hairy mask for you. This mask has blood spots all over the face for that gory look.

Other Halloween Mask

The other different Halloween mask can be categorized as:

  • Extraterrestrial Masks
  • Demon Masks
  • Grotesque Masks
  • Corpse Masks
  • Athlete Masks
  • Goblin Masks
  • Elderly Masks
  • Witch Masks
  • Mummy Masks
  • Skull Masks
  • Vampire Masks
  • Monster Hands and Feet

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