Halloween Makeup

Halloween is a fun-filled day and there are many ways to celebrate it. Indulge in some activities, gorge on the delicacies prepared in the shape of Ghoulish things, throw a Halloween themed party or just lie down on the couch and watch a horror movie. How you celebrate the day is entirely up to you. But, your Halloween would be incomplete if you don’t go around scaring friends and neighbors. And you can do this quite easily by wearing a fiendish make up that would make you look like a zombie, vampire or a rotting decaying corpse.

Thinking about hiring a professional make up artists to give you that ghostly look? No need to spend a few bucks when it can be done at home and by putting minimal effort. All you need to do is get a few products to help you make a complete ghoulish makeover. One can use household items like toilet paper, ketchup, red coloring, markers, corn syrup among others.

Grab a roll of toilet paper and brush it up with green and yellow colors. Stick it on your face so that it resembles that of a decaying body. Get a bottle of ketchup and red coloring and with it create fake wounds or cuts which gives the feel that blood is oozing out of your body. You are all set for the Halloween party.

Other than this, you can always, get lots of blank papers and with a help of your friends cover yourself up in the shape of a mummy. Now walk slowly around the house scaring all the members of your family, especially in the dark.

But do keep in mind that your makeup should real enough to make your loved ones jump up in fright rather instead of them guessing ”Oh Larry, we know it is you, don’t try to frighten us”.

Here are some handy make up ideas that would surely turn you into a ghost for one day.

  • Increase your friends heartbeat by wearing a scary make up. Make sure it gives a spooky feel.
Halloween Day
Halloween Makeup Ideas


  • Why not dress like a skeleton? Get your face painted in a way that it resembles your cheekbones, jaw lines and other features of your face. To compliment the facial look wear a skin tight t-shirt with the design of a skeleton.
Happy Halloween
Dress like a skeleton


  • Get a face mask or simply put a make up that resembles a scary joker. Compliment it by wearing a joker’s outfit.
Halloween Mask
A Face Mask


  • Dye your hair grey, make the eyebrows long and eerie and put red eye shadow on the corner of your eyes. Put a dark red lipstick and cover a few portions of the lips with ketchup as if blood is coming out of your mouth.
Dye your hair grey, make the eyebrows…


  • This creepy make up would not only make you unrecognizable but would surely scare people around you.
Halloween mackup
Halloween Creepy Make


  • This make up is creepy and is perfect to scare whoever you want to.
A perfect makeup to scare whoever you want to.
A perfect makeup to scare whoever you want to.


  • Looking for a perfect baby Halloween make up. Dress up your little one as devil.
Baby Halloween make up
Baby Halloween make up


  • A pink skull, big flowers and a scary face mask or make up are ideal for the Halloween party.
A pink skull
A pink skull


  • This is the ultimate Halloween make up. It looks so scary and deadly.
Ultimate Halloween make up
Ultimate Halloween make up


  • It is scary and cool at the same time. It is hard to say whether your family and friends would feel scared or compliment your look.


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