Halloween Craft Ideas

Here’s a look at lots of Halloween crafts for kids that you are going to love!

The fun of Halloween comes just once a year. Great craft ideas can make your home and your Halloween party worth remembering for years. Go through the following and decorate your house with the most unique of Halloween artifacts. These can be made at home by following few simple steps.
1. Witches’ Broom Stirrers

Halloween Crafts
Witches’ Broom Stirrers

a. Cut as at least eight 7 inches strips of raffia and bend them in halves. Make a plus sign by laying four strands vertically and the rest horizontally. Bring the ends of the vertical set together with the horizontal ones and tie the bundle with black twines or threads. Fold the ends to give it a broom shape.

b. Take wooden skewers and push them inside the bristles by carefully hiding the skewer. Apply glue on the meeting point of the raffia and the skewer to ensure they do not fall apart.

c. Repeat steps for other stirrers.

2. Halloween Ping Pongs

Ping Pongs craft for kids
Halloween Ping Pongs

a. Buy few white coloured ordinary ping pong balls.

b. Use green and black markers to draw monster eyeballs on the balls.

c. Place these mysterious eyeballs in a glass bowl or stick them on your doors or walls to give your house an appearance of a haunted house with peeping monster eyeballs.

3. Reuse Your Wine Bottles

Craft with Wine Bottles
Reuse Your Wine Bottles

a. To reuse your wine bottles as flower pots and to make them a part of your Halloween decoration spare some beautifully shaped bottles.

b. Use glass paints or fabric paints or spray paints of white and orange colours to paint the bottles in equal halves with both the shades.

c. Let some thick paint flow and form drops on the bottle surface to give them an eerie look.

d. Place orange or yellow sunflowers in these wine bottle flower pots and put them near a huge pumpkin to complete your Halloween idea.

4. Black Pumpkin Cushions
a. Buy a black cloth and stitch it in the shape of a huge pumpkin.

b. Fill it with foam to make it into a cushion.

c. Place it in your sitting room and add to the Halloween elements.

5. The Vampire Napkins

Halloween Holiday Craft Ideas
The Vampire Napkins

a. Buy plastic vampire fangs.

b. Roll your dinning napkins preferably red napkins.

c. Place the rolled napkins in between the fangs and let your dinner also be painted with the colours of Halloween.

6. Skull Candy Boxes
a. Buy some thick material chart paper.

b. Cut out in the shape of eggs.

c. Fold them in a way to create 3D halves of eggs some to form the container, the others to form the covers.

d. Using acrylic black paint, paint the eyes, nose and a mysterious smile on the paper egg shells which are to form the cover of the candy boxes.

e. When dry, place candies inside the boxes.

7.Scary Black Laced Candles

Creative Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids
Scary Black Laced Candles

a. Buy white candles of different shapes and sizes.

b. Buy the black laces to cover the candles. Choose shorter lengths of different patterns of the laces.

c. Cut out the length require to cover the candle in consideration and wrap the lace sticking the ends with glue to give your candles which are elegant as well as frightening.

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