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Graduation Party Ideas 2020
Please join us for a party

So, in a couple of day’s time you will be a graduate with a degree in hand. Boy!! It surely is a big Achievement and calls for a happening party as well. Want the party to be synonymous with Style and one of a kind, talk of the town celebration? Here are some ideas.


Graduation Party Venue
Where to host a Graduation Party

Though most of the High school graduation parties are hosted at home, but for a college graduation party, there are a number of venues to choose from, ranging from a popular restaurant to a college ground, a beach resort (if you are lucky to have one) including one of the student’s plush apartments or even a party hall. The lawns at most of the Colleges, for instance, turn into a scenic sight of rainbow hued tents and canopies on graduation day as families like to host picnics right after the convocation event. If the school/College offers this option, try reserving lawn space in advance and hire a caterer to handle the food, just to keep you free from all the worries of cooking and serving.

Party Theme

Graduation Party Theme
A graduation bash

School Spirit Graduation Party

Bid adieu to your kid’s school days by organizing a High School Graduation Party with this theme. All that is required to be done is, deck up the party zone with balloons and streamers that incorporate school colors, emblem and mascot. You can also opt for a customized sweet table that will exhibit confetti’s, cakes, cookies etc. in school spirit theme.

Sports Graduation Party

All the athletic spirited teens will love this graduation party. If your kid is into sports, throw a graduation bash for him by arranging a collage board containing the pictures of your kid taking part in various sports along with the awards won by him. As for decoration, the party hall can actually resemble the sports ground of course in miniature style. Add the right spark by incorporating pomp pomp’s and school/college mascot into the décor for the right feel.

This Is Your Life Party

Capture the sweet and cherished moments of your kid’s life and convert it into scrap books, posters and photo album. Also, do an insight of the future of your grad by displaying banners about his future career plans and how he might look in that attire.

Major Graduation Party

Definitely for the college graduates, the subject of major can serve as the best theme for the party. All you need to do is deck up the venue with the college color coded balloons, streamers and emblems along with a cake resembling the mascot of the college.


A graduation menu should be decided keeping in mind the favorite food of your kid as it is his party. Plan a hassle free and self serving menu for graduation party brunch with these brilliant menu ideas:

Pizza Party: Pizza tops the list of favorite food item of every kid. Plan a pizza menu by arranging an assortment of pizza ranging from cheese pepperoni, farmhouse, chicken and jalapenos, Special gourmet pizzas etc.

Pizza with cheese
Plan a pizza menu

Festive Taco Bar: A popular menu options for grads party is Tacos. Arrange a taco table with an array of fillings and dips to make the menu interesting and taste bud tickling for all.

taco bar with an array of fillings
Arrange a taco table

Asian stir fry: spice up the party by planning an Asian menu that includes shrimp salads, Fried rice, Chicken spring roll, fortune cookies etc.

Chinese Spring Rolls
Chicken spring roll

Italian Elegant menu: Menu comprising of delicate Italian pasta buffet can work wonders for a grads party. Include items like Herb seasoned croutons, Spaghetti, Lasagna in meat sauce and cheese, garlic bread etc.

Italian pasta with herbs
Italian pasta buffet

Dessert Ideas

Desserts hold a special place in party menu and since this is your child’s graduation party then desserts should be extra special.

Customized cupcakes that match the theme are a great option for desserts.

Customized cupcakes
Customized graduation cupcakes

Favorite Choco Pies or cookies can be custom made to match the graduation theme.

Choco Pies and cookies
Yummy cookies

Assorted chocolates in shapes of graduation hats.

Chocolates in hat shapes
Graduation hats Chocolates

Confetti’s and marshmallows in theme colours are sure to steal everyone’s heart away.

Small Sachets filled with bubble candies or sugar confetti’s in school mascot will serve just right for the dessert.

Confetti’s and marshmallows
Delicious dessert


Certain tips to be kept in mind while planning the menu.

  • Go easy on yourself by keeping the menu simple consisting mainly of five to seven items.
  • Hire a caterer or ask for help from neighbors or family members in cooking your desired menu.
  • Keep food hot by serving them in chafing dishes which you can get on rent from a local caterer
  • Set up an ice bath at one corner of the table to keep cold food and beverages.
  • Keep some disposable containers handy to send leftovers home with your guests.
  • Keep mixed nuts, chips, chicken wings, cookies etc. handy in case you run out of main menu items.

Video Memoir

Childhood cherished memories
Create a slideshow tracing the childhood cherished memories

The best thing about graduation parties are that everyone will be happy chatting, sampling the buffet and making toasts to the new graduate .You can make the event extra special for the new grads by creating a slideshow tracing the childhood cherished memories and what he/ she wanted to become at different stages to the present day. Everyone will just love it and you can be sure of getting a big round of applause for such a thoughtful Memoir.

Another option could be a special memory board containing a graduation picture of your child with sweet messages and post graduation advice written by all friends and family will make it a quintessential centerpiece.


Now that most of the things are taken care of all you need is a perfect graduation gift for that new college grad. A few gifts to choose from are:

First apartment gifts: Since your kid might be thinking of moving out of the house, how about gifting something that will come in handy while trying to live alone. A cookbook of favorite dishes, a set of basic spices, pots or pans or A customized keychain with name initials for the key to the new apartment.

Graduation Gift ideas
A set of basic spices

Travel accessories: Usually grads plan to go globetrotting after graduation. How about gifting travel accessories like a Super cool travel bag, or guide maps and books of the places they plan to travel.

Travel accessories:
Super cool travel bag

Pearls and ties: Gift your love to your new grad by preparing him/her for the new world they are going to enter. Gift a nice silk tie with matching cufflinks to your son or a beautiful set of pearl earrings to your daughter .

Set of pearl earrings
Beautiful set of pearl earrings

Electronic Accessories: Gift a new gadget like an iPad, iPhone or a digital camera or a laptop to your new grad.

Smart phone
Gift a new gadget

Party Favors:

Planning to give out graduation party favors, then some practical gifts should be considered which will be of great use to them as they step out in the real world. Business card holders, date books, Electronic scheduler, wallets or key chains with their initials etc. will make wonderful and memorable graduation party favors.

Have a smooth party planning and enjoy the Graduation day to the core!!

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