Graduation Day

Graduation day gown
Graduation Day
Graduation, also known as convocation, invocation and also commencement is the ceremony meant to receive or confer academic degree. The students who receive the awards are called Graduates.
Graduation Day is an illustrious occasion in an individual’s life and is marked by ceremonies which chiefly include a procession participated by the candidates and the academic staff. Dressed up in their Graduation gowns and caps the candidates receive their degree of honor and get promoted to the next step in life.
Graduation, in the United States, takes place at different levels below University, such as kindergarten, preschool, middle school and high school. The venue of a Graduation ceremony is usually huge where all the family members of the candidates can attend the ceremony.
One of the highlighting features of Graduation is the commencement speech or the Graduation speech, which is a public speech given by alumni to the graduating class and guests. It is through this Graduation speech that students are greeted to the real world. In recent times, politicians and celebrities are also seen to deliver this speech.
Special Graduation ceremonies render completion to this day. However the style of ceremony keeps varying. While some organizations prefer handing over hundreds of degrees at one, some other prefers hosting smaller ceremonies, instead of clubbing it all at a time.
Keeping in mind the students who are conferred advanced degree, many colleges hold a Hooding ceremony on this commencement day where the students are made to wear hoods. The hood has been an intrinsic part of the conventional academic dress since times immemorial.
Graduation is the highest honor of successfully completing a step of academic excellence and a stepping-stone towards the next big leap.
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