Graduation Day – How to Celebrate and Enjoy

Graduation Day Celebration

Graduation Day is that special day of your life when you’re honored with an academic degree. This degree helps you move forward in life so that you may start a new course of study or look for professional opportunities. Whether you’re in U.S. or Canada, Graduation day is the day when you advance from a primary or secondary school or complete your course in college or university. So, this is the time when you should celebrate your success with your friends and family. Read on to find out how you’ll be honored on the Graduation Day and in what way you can enjoy it.

How You’ll be Honored On the Graduation Day

Whether it’s a secondary school, college or university, you’ll need to wear an academic dress as will the faculty. You’ll receive your degrees from the presiding officer at the Graduation ceremony. You can attend the event with your family members. You’ll be able to see how happy your parents are when they find you receiving the degree from the presiding officer.

In several colleges, there’s a Hooding Ceremony organized on the Graduation Day. This is when the student gets to wear a hood which is a traditional academic dress. The hood is a symbolic garment worn around the neck and over the shoulders. The length of the hood indicates the degree you’ve attained, and its color stands for your field of study.

How to Celebrate Your Success on This Special Day

The best way to celebrate your success in Graduation is to enjoy having a party with your friends or family. Now, if you’d like to do something different in your Graduation party, try going the eco-friendly way. To start with, you can invite your guests with graduation invitation cards available online. All you need to do is select the ones that best express your happiness and show how eager you are to involve your guests in your celebrations. The best thing about choosing cards online is that you don’t need to use paper. Thus, you don’t need to mail the cards by post, and your guests in turn don’t need to throw the papers and disturb the environment.

Now, when it comes to decorating the venue of your party, you may rent the items or buy items from recycled materials like rubber, glass or plastic. You may even try to decorate the venue with plants and organic flowers. They can indeed make your decoration look attractive. To make your party decorations even more fascinating, you can use soy candles and LED lights (Light-emitting diode lights) to brighten your venue. The advantage of using LED lights is that it reduces the use of energy by around 80%.

Since you’d like to party, you must have a good menu for your guests. If you want to have an eco-friendly party, make sure you use glassware or compostable plates. Arrange for seasonal or organic food to be served to your guests. In addition, provide some beer and wine after your guests enjoy the food.

Graduation is certainly the time to celebrate and have fun. But it is also a new beginning which needs hard work and dedication for success in future.

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