Good Morning Quotes for the Day Nov. 13/2020

Good Morning!
Good Morning!

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Be a reflection of what you’d like to receive.
If you want love, give love.
If you want truth, be truthful.
If you want respect.
What you give out will return to you.

Success is a tasty dish.
Patience, intelligence, knowledge and experience are its ‘ingredients’.
But “Hard Work” is that little salt that makes it ‘Delicious’.
Good Morning

All successful and unsuccessful people have 1 thing in common.
“24 Hours a Day”
It’s how they use them that makes the difference.
Think Big
Good Morning

There are people who are dancing through life and others who are crying through life.
The irony is that Life is the same what we do is purely our choice.

Life is really nothing without love and care.
Give it to everyone but don’t expect it back, B’cos ‘it’s a ‘Feel’ not a ‘Deal’.

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