Good Morning Quotes for the Day July 23/2020

Good Morning Wishes
Good Morning Quotes

Very Nice Definition of Time
Time is slow when you wait!
Time is Fast when you are late!
Time is deadly when you are sad!
Time is short when you are happy!
Time is endless when you are in pain!
Time is long when you feel bored!
Every time, time is determined by your feelings and
your psychological condition and not by clocks.
So Have a Nice Time Always…
Good Morning

When you wish good for others, good things come back to you.
This is the Law of Nature.
Good Morning

If you have to choose between being kind and being right choose being kind and you will always be right.

Don’t change so people will like you.
Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.

Life is like a book.
Some chapters sad,
Some happy, and some exciting.
But if you never turn the page.
You will never know what the next chapter holds.

Don’t waste you life trying to impress others.
Good Morning

Good Morning
There is nothing is this world that can trouble you more than your own thoughts.

Good Morning
You learn nothing from life if yo think you are right all the time.

Peace begins when the expectation ends. Good Morning

Never get too attached to someone, because attachments lead to expectations and expectations lead to suffering.

You attract.
What you imagine, you create. Buddha

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