Golden Temple Gurbani

Golden Temple Gurbani
Sri Harmandir Sahib

Listen to Live Kirtan from Sachkhand Sri Harimandir Sahib, Daily Gurbani Kirtan.

ikhism has a lot of followers in India and the sacred literature of Sikhism is known as Gurbani. Gurbani means Guru’s word, a message in the form of a song. It is enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib. In Sikhism, Guru means ‘The Word’ and it is not the physical body. The words of the God mean bani. The two words are inter-related – Guru means bani and bani in the opposite manner mean Guru. The one who explains the bani can never get the status of a Guru, but just remains a teacher or a missionary. All compositions should be approved by the Gurus and those which are not, are unacceptable to the Sikhs. Golden temple has the permission to telecast its Gurbani live.


There are sometimes contradictory statements in Gurbani. These hymns are composed in a manner to suit the different stages of life, towards spiritual development. Reading of the Gurbani calls for a lot of concentration, in-depth understanding. Only uttering it with the lips will be of no use. During Golden temple Gurbani, a devotee is expected to meditate on the Gurbani message. It will help him get rid of the evil thoughts in his mind and make the body and mind pure and holy. The Gurbani gives inner satisfaction and peace, helps to gain consciousness of mind.

Guru Nanak had said –
“Make a boat of the sacred Name then,
with the oars of faith, cross the ocean of illusion”

Concept of Gurbani
As per Sikhism, Gurbani is the cure-all for all ills and sins of human beings. Listen to the Golden temple Gurbani and satisfy your spiritual need. Everybody should realize that meditation is the need of all souls.

Gurbani is the truth that dismisses ignorance or maya. It is always the role of the Guru is to dismiss off ignorance in people and that is achieved by the Bani. In Sikhism, Guru and Bani are One (Ek) and Gurbani and Ek Onkar are One.

It is not only in the Golden Temple that one can hear the Gurbani. You can hear the Gurbani everywhere; you just need the eyes and ears for it. Peace, understanding and enlightenment – these are the three things that Gurbani bestows on you.

Thus, Saint Kabir had said –
“You do not care for others, you are a religious fanatic, and your life is of no account at all.Your holy scriptures say that Allah is True, and that he is neither male nor female.But you gain nothing by reading and studying, O mad-man, if you do not gain the understanding in your heart.Allah is hidden in every heart; reflect upon this in your mind.The One Lord is within both Hindu and Muslim… (Ang 483 of Guru Granth Sahib)”

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