Go Green on this World Environment Day.

On this World Environment Day, lets come together and change your lifestyle to try out small things which can save the natural resources of the earth and reduce the impact of waste and pollution on this planet.

  • Save electrical energy by switching over to using advanced energy-efficient lights and power-saving fittings. Switch off your electrical appliances when not in use..

  • Do not waste water and make others aware of the hazardous impact of wastage of water.

  • Say no to plastic bags at work and at home. Instead use jute bags or paper envelopes which are environment friendly.

  • Try to maintain clean and green atmosphere around your work area and your h


  • Encourage and participate in planting of trees which helps in purifying the environment.

This Planet is a source of life. Lets us come together and protect its abundance resources with great care and make this universe a better place to live.

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