Get Idea About Earth Day Information and Celebration


Earth day information – ideas are an important aspect of celebrating this day. Giving information about the dangers that our plant faces, is very important. It is significant to spread the message, everywhere and get more and more people involved in this cause. There are various means, through which the earth day information can be given out, to people. Depending on the people, whom you want to give information to, you must choose how to go about doing it.


Organizing earth day games is a nice way of celebrating this day with kids. They love to take part in interactive games, where they can have lots of fun. When information about things is given through games, it has been found that kids understand things, much better. Kids must have lots of fun, while taking part in the games and activities; you must take care of this aspect while choosing the games. You can even write down an earth day skit and direct the kids to enact it; of course the theme has to revolve around the whole concept of earth day.


Earth day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, of Wisconsin in the United States. Though John McDonnell, was the first person to suggest the concept of earth day, in1969 at a UNESCO conference for environment.

Today, this has become an annual event, where people from all over the world take part. People take pledge, to do things in such a way that it does not have any harmful impact on the planet.


To celebrate earth day, none of us have to do fancy things. It is all about doing simple things, which will be useful. Some of the simple things which can be done are: picking up garbage from the ground, disposing garbage at the proper place, planting trees, switching off light whenever not required, car pooling, traveling by public transport, using paper bags etc.

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