Funny Mother’s Day Quotes

Motherhood is serious business—which is why it’s so important to laugh about! Get your giggle on with  humorous quotations about mama-ing.

Mother's Day Quotes and Sayings
Funny Mom Quotes

Only a Mom can make you feel hugged over the phone.

Moms fart too, but you’d never know it

Kids are always full of energy until someone say
“Clean up”..
Then they become so tired.

When superheroes don’t know the answer, they ask their moms.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes
Funny Mother’s Day Quotes

Only mom knows which way to slice a sandwich so the flavor doesn’t leak out.

Moms learn early that it’s hard to for a kid to scream with a mouthful of cookie.

My mom is a genius, and not just because she thinks I am.

Being a Mom means having to choose between eating, showering
Or sleeping,
You can’t do all three in one day.

Quotes About Moms
Hilarious Mother’s Day Quotes About Moms

Maybe this Mother’s Day, you be the listener and let your mom be the talker.

Moms fart too, but you’d never know it

When I say “I’m just going to the toilet”, my kids hear “Family meeting, assemble in the bathroom now!”

Silence is golden.
Unless you have kids.
Then silence is suspicious.

turned upside down
Spells WOW

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