Funny Love Cards

Use a little bit of fun and humour to let your beloved know how much you love them.

Love Cards
I cant believe I’am not sick of you yet!.

Funny Love Greeting Cards
From one wrinkly to another

 Free Fun eCards
You’re a weirdo I like it

 Free Love Funny eCards
You are just my type!

love cards
You’re my Butter half

Romantic Funny cards
Every minute with you is so sweet that I pray God that he protects me from Diabetes

Funny Love Messages

Love is intoxicating but the good thing is that the cops won’t stop you from driving when you are in love.

If love is everywhere then how come I haven’t encountered it yet?

No matter how beautiful you are, always marry a man of your age so that as your beauty fades so does his eyesight!

If you can’t laugh in love you are not in it.

Love is not about dotting the is and crossing the ‘t’s. It’s about making all the silly mistakes in life and hoping that the other person will correct them.

Hope you don’t come in my dreams. I don’t look good without makeup.

True love is like good wine. Both mature with age.

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